IGC Global Leaders

Forum for Youth


The IGC Foundation held the 2020 IGC Youth Global Leaders Forum under the theme of "Youth Leaders Preparing for the Post-Corona Era" from November 22 through 28 in order to contribute to the local community and support the cultivation of future talents. Sponsored by IFEZ, the event is a participatory forum in which youth leaders present solution tasks for each field. This year, it was carried out with real-time two-way video conferences due to the COVID-19 situation. The CEO PAEK of the IGC Foundation, hoped that "The process of creating and achieving together will be a valuable experience for youth although it is a short period of one week meeting online. The event was attended by 60 students from over 50 middle and high schools. In the final on November 28, 15 students won awards, with KIM Ji-won(MIT International School), KIM Do-hyun(Nagwon Middle School), SON Ji-woo(Jinsan Middle School) being awarded the grand prize of honor.