Incheon Global Campus’s 

Industry-Academy Cooperation Outcomes


At the meeting to promote industry-academy-institute cooperation held on March 26, IGC universities announced the results of the industry-academy collaboration. The State University of New York Korea announced that it would develop a disaster prevention platform using AI and IoT technology and discover specialized researches tailored to regional characteristics to revitalize the local economy. George Mason University Korea plans to support technology commercialization, start-up promotion, and fostering of next-generation innovators by creating a cybersecurity system and ecosystem based on the university’s research manpower and infrastructure. Ghent University Global Campus plans to start the industry-academy cooperation foundation in earnest to foster innovative human resources through competency-enhancing education and focus on R&D and technology transfer according to the demands of the field. The University of Utah Asia Campus will select and support six local bio-start-ups to initiate the first phase of CMI Asia within 2021 and is pushing forward with related phrases, such as preparing for US FDA approval.

On May 27, a ‘Meeting on the Revitalization of Industry-Academy Cooperation’ was held for IGC and related organizations and institutions to exchange and voice their opinions on industry-academy cooperation. 

It is expected that the industry-academy cooperation projects of IGC universities will be carried out more actively as the plans to revitalize industry-academy cooperation are established and implied in earnest through active communication and efforts related to institutions.