New Challenge, 

to Complete Global Education Hub of IGC


IGC is the key soft infrastructure of Incheon Free Economic Zone. It is the first joint campus of world-renowned universities in Korea and maintains the best educational competitiveness as extended campuses of the main campuses. IGC, which started with 45 students in 2012, has become the center of global convergence education with 3,500 students from 48 countries. The IGC Foundation’s role is more important than ever as it is at the turning point of the second phase of the project, which will attract five additional prestigious universities based on the results from the first phase.

As the CEO of the IGC Foundation, I would like to focus all capabilities to make IGC succeed as a global educational innovation model. Let me tell you about the tasks that we will mainly pursue in the future for IGC to take a new leap forward.

The success of IGC will be possible only by creating an optimal educational environment. For world-renowned universities to operate advanced academic courses and for students to study freely, all facilities and systems of the lecture rooms, libraries, dormitories, and campuses must be at the best level. There are still many issues to be improved. We are promoting projects to improve the library’s learning environment from this year and upgrade the information system. We will continue to push forward with improving lecture rooms and convenience facilities and supporting the construction of additional faculty apartments and student dormitories.

In addition, the IGC Foundation must listen to even the small voices of the members of the campus community and make new changes. Due to the characteristics of the joint campus, many faculty members and students live together on the campus. The foundation’s service capabilities and expertise in facility operation become essential. For this, we would like to improve the customer insight and job skills of the foundation’s executives and staff members. Creating a workplace where people want to work based on human rights management and sustainable management through social value realization is of utmost importance. After all, since all work is done by people, we will do our best to increase the job satisfaction of our employees.

Lastly, we emphasize the importance of cooperation through communication and governance. The success of IGC cannot be achieved through the efforts of the universities and the foundation alone. It will be possible when we communicate and cooperate with universities, companies, media, and civil society of Incheon Metropolitan Government. The foundation will devote itself to its bridging role to develop a cooperative system with relevant organizations supporting the IGC, such as the central government, Incheon Metropolitan Government, the city council, and the Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority. Raising the financial independence of IGC is also very important in implementing the second phase of the project. We need to carry out creative and active promotional activities so that more excellent domestic and international students can study at IGC. I believe this can be achieved through communication and expansion of the governance system. A global educational hub can be established when the best faculty, outstanding students, and government support, and community collaboration come together. The IGC is the core of an industry-academia-institute cluster that can realize the vision and strategy pursued by the Incheon Free Economic Zone. Universities and the foundation will work together for the IGC to take a new leap forward while celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2022.

                                                                    YU Pyung-ryun  CEO of Incheon Global Campus Foundation