Professor Hamid Hefazi

New Vice President of SUNY Korea



Q. Congratulations on your inauguration as the Vice President of SUNY Korea. Can you please comment on how you feel about it?

This year, SUNY Korea celebrates its 10th anniversary. I am delighted to assume the role of Vice President at this critical time. I served as the department chair at SUNY’s Stony Brook University for three years. Using my experience from that time as I take on the role of Vice President of SUNY Korea, I will do my best to lead the entire campus in a better direction. Establishing new policies and training courses necessary for all members would be one example.

Q. What are SUNY Korea’s core elements of competitiveness and unique values?

What sets SUNY Korea apart from other universities is that it approaches education from a broader perspective. Our university pursues excellence, integrity, diversity, professional responsibility, fairness, transparency, and shared governance as its core values. SUNY Korea nurtures talents with solid theoretical education and technology through these core values. We expect that these values will one day change the world and bring about a better future.

Q. Can you please introduce the newly opened Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Stony Brook University?  

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) is a foundational field and has become one of the most popular departments both in Korea and back on the U.S. campus. Our ECE students are taking courses with state-of-the-art programs and are conducting research and development under the guidance of top-notch faculty members. In particular, Korea has led the global electronics industry by producing innovative products and talented individuals. We plan to further strengthen industry-university cooperation with local businesses in order to help students grow into international talents.

Q. What are your goals or plans for the future as SUNY Korea’s new Vice President?

SUNY Korea’s vision aims to foster leaders that can resolve global challenges creatively and can open up a world of infinite possibilities. I will support a broader range of quality education courses and will further advance academic programs to realize this vision. As Vice President, I will do my best to make SUNY Korea a leading university in East Asia.

Q. What do you think is the unique strength of IGC that differentiates it from other prestigious universities in Korea or overseas?

Universities in the 21st century must conduct global education to prepare for the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

To this end, universities must nurture students’ professionalism and focus on individual core competencies, such as communication skills, critical thinking, work-ethic awareness, and social contribution. IGC provides global education in Korea, including the core values of its prestigious universities.

Q. Do you have any words to offer current and new students working towards their dreams?

Hold on to a realistic yet ambitious plan for your life. Set specific goals as much as possible and set a detailed schedule to achieve them. Revaluate these goals and plans regularly and make revisions based on the results. Taking these steps will give you the strength to overcome any difficulties as you grow.

+ Hamid Hefazi

Born in Iran, Professor Hamid Hefazi immigrated to the United States in 1977 and earned a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California. Afterward, he worked for McDonnell Douglas, an aircraft manufacturer, and served as a department head at California State University and Florida Institute of Technology for 12 years. Since February 2019, Professor Hefazi has been the department chair of Mechanical Engineering at SUNY Korea.