IGC, the Best Choice for

Overseas Studies in the

COVID-19 Era


South Korea's deficit in overseas studies reached approximately USD 3.45 billion (KRW 4.1 trillion) in 2018. This is because of the preference for studying in prestigious foreign universities where a competitive educational environment is guaranteed. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, however, it should be doubtful whether people will be able to readily decide on studying abroad.

COVID-19 unexpectedly broke out and informed us on which countries were equipped with a system enabling it to respond wisely during a crisis. K-Quarantine served as an opportunity to show the mature citizenship of South Korean society to the world, leading to the rise of a new, national brand. The whole world has highly praised the advent of “K-Quarantine” practices. It is noteworthy that the status of IGC, where the world's top 100 universities are located, is accordingly rising in that the IGC universities are all extended campuses of prestigious foreign universities, allowing students to receive the same education and the same degree as the home campus.

Unlike universities in other countries that announced a lockdown, IGC partially implemented on-site lectures such as classes involving labs. IGC also guaranteed students their right to learning such as opening the library and lecture buildings and even their right to living by making the dormitory, cafeteria and other amenities available.This was made possible because IGC was dedicated to taking preemptive actions for preventing the spread of COVID-19 by cooperating with the universities and related organizations from the early days of the corona outbreak. The entire campus showed the meaning of global citizenship. For example, students voluntarily adhered to the quarantine regulations, and universities constituted a COVID-19 Response Team and responded organically to the crisis. Some universities provided emergency support funds to students experiencing economic difficulties due to COVID-19. In a way, the IGC has exhibited the qualities that a truly global education hub should display in a global crisis.