IGC JOURNAL 2021 Spring 


Stanford University, Opening its Smart City

Research Center in Incheon Global Campus

In December, 2019, the IFEZ Office made an agreement on the establishment of a smart city 

research center at IGC with Stanford University in California, the U.S.A. 

The research center aims to promote research collaboration and joint development with 

South Korean universities and concerned research institutes across five core areas related to 

smart cities and in the establishment and research of smart city models with stanford playing a central role. 

The research center is scheduled to open in June this year.

Having completed all the administrative procedures needed to establish a corporation in South Korea, the research center will begin its full-blown activities in the former half of 2021. The research center will focus its research efforts mainly on smart city technologies, urban environments, finance and economy, and the integration and spread of smart cities. It also plans to implement a joint project with universities and concerned agencies in the nation. As the IFEZ Office is realizing smart city technologies in Songdo International City and other places and exporting the IFEZ's smart city model to other nations, there will be an in-depth review of research in these areas. In addition to the field of technology, there will be research in the field of finance, as well. Stanford Research Center, which forms a part of the industry-academic collaboration basis in Silicon Valley, plans to set up a branch at IGC, promoting collaborations based on joint technological research with prestigious South Korean universities as well as the tenant universities of IGC. Its active industry-academic collaborations with South Korean corporations are especially expected in the bio-industry. 

These will play a positive role in Songdo attracting prestigious universities and research centers of other countries. As there will be studies to promote Songdo as a world-class "living lab," the research center will contribute to active investments in it by agencies and corporations. Moreover, a new collaboration model will be set up to build a foundation for a smart city in Songdo based on its smart city management center.

AHN Sung-il, Head of Free Economic Zone Planning Office under Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, said, "By attracting overseas research centers, we are going to vitalize joint researches with related research institutes and corporations and expect to reflect outcomes in the creation of a smart city under development by the area." "It is very significant for Stanford Research Center, which forms a part of the industry-academic collaboration basis in Silicon Valley, to set up a branch in the nation" said LEE Won-jae, Head of IFEZ Office, "I hope there will be joint efforts for the vitalization of industry-academic-research collaboration as well as the development of Incheon." The IFEZ Office expects that the opening of Stanford Research Center at IGC in 2021 will not only solidify IGC's collaboration system with industries further, but also make a huge contribution to the expansion of world-class research infrastructure based on industry-academia-research collaboration. Smart City Research Center of Stanford University will open on June 3. 

The launch ceremony will take place at the research center office on IGC. On the first day, there will be a combined offline and online opening ceremony. On the second day, "SCIGC Smart City Research Symposium" will be held.

Michael D Lepech, Senior Researcher 

(Associate Professor of Urban Engineering at Stanford University)