IGC, Becoming Industry-Academia-

Research Innovation Platform


The revision to the "Industrial Education Enhancement and Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation

Promotion Act," that includes foreign universities in the category of industrial institutions, was fully

implemented at the end of September, 2020. This has allowed the establishment of industry-academia

cooperation groups and industrial education by foreign universities institutionally. Incheon Global Campus is

expected to play an integral role in making the Incheon Free Economic Zone grow into a base for industryacademia-

research cooperation, and provide new and sufficient power for local companies to expand their

foothold into global markets beyond South Korea.

The State University of New York Korea was the first to break grounds by creating an industry-academia cooperation group. The university possesses optimal conditions for the cultivation of global human resources that South Korea needs, as it has Stony Brook University with majors in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, and Technological Systems Management and FIT leading the world's fashion design and fashion business management. Therefore, SUNY Korea intends to build global-level educational systems by specializing in STEAM education and carrying out demonstration projects. The university will also increase industry-academia-research synergy by expanding collaboration with local companies in addition to joint research among its departments. This will involve planning educational programs in relation to marketing and product development from next year with the goal of globalizing the fashion industry in Incheon.

George Mason University Korea's industry-academia cooperation group also expects to play a role as a global base that includes the progress of joint projects with both domestic and US campus researchers and nearby industrial research institutes. It will be a cornerstone to bring out meaningful research outcomes globally in the future, since it offers such majors in Computer Game Design and Conflict Analysis and Resolution in linkage with industrial circles, in addition to networks that it has built up so far through cooperation in local talent training and education.

Ghent Univeristy Global Campus is promoting the production and sales of bakery, by utilizing seaweed, in cooperation with leading companies and Incheon Jaeneung University in the region. The university is also striving for the growth of bio-related science and technologies by developing the world-class marine biotechnology through inter-Korean global maritime projects underway with 14 countries around the world.

University of Utah Asia Campus is moving forward with the establishment of Center for Medical Innovation(CMI). Through this, the university is planning to introduce global advanced bio startup success strategies, startup education specializing in bio medicine, and master's programs, and to support the domestic medical industry with U.S. Food and Drug Administration(FDA) approval for overseas expansion. It is also worth noting that CMI at the University of Utah played a significant role in helping gain a reputation that has produced the fourth-largest number of entrepreneurs among US institutions.