Dr. OH Myung Gateway to Korean ICT Opens


On March 19, ‘Dr. OH Myung Gateway to Korean ICT’ was established inside Incheon Global Campus Library. This space was created to display materials donated by former Deputy Prime Minister OH Myung to Incheon Global Campus(IGC) to contribute to the development of domestic ICT research. At the opening ceremony of the exhibition hall, the Incheon Global Campus Foundation delivered a plaque of appreciation to the former Deputy Prime Minister to thank him for his contribution.

The ICT policy materials donated by the former Deputy Prime Minister comprise a total of 50,220 special books, 12 domestic and foreign decorations, and seven domestic and foreign first-issue postage stamps. During the opening ceremony, the former Deputy Prime Minister expressed his intention, “I donated the books and museum materials specialized in ICT that I have collected and kept for life to IGC hoping that they will be used more meaningfully.” He added, “I hope the donated materials will provide all information about the history of Korea’s information and communication policy and technology development to researchers as well as students majoring in ICT, providing a foundation for fostering talented professionals and supporting creative research activities.”

OH Myung, Former Deputy Prime Minister and current Honorary President of the State University of New York Korea, is one of the key players in building the information and communication infrastructure that has served as a foundation for Korea to develop into an information and communication powerhouse. He also contributed to attracting The State University of New York Korea to Incheon Global Campus in 2012, the first university to open a branch in Incheon and vitalizing IGC.

OH Myung served as the Vice Minister of Communications from 1981 to 1987, the Minister of Communications until 1988, the Minister of Transportation in 1993, the Minister of Construction and Transportation in 1994, and the Prime Minister of Science and Technology and Minister of Science and Technology from the end of 2003 to 2006, leaving a significant footprint in the development of information and communication in Korea.

PAEK Ki-hun, CEO of Incheon Global Campus Foundation, who attended the opening ceremony, said, “We honor your valuable donation of ICT policy materials collected for life to IGC. We will do our best to put the data to good use for all researchers in related fields, including the students of IGC universities.” He added, “Through this donation, the Incheon Global Campus Library could utilize more high-quality academic data globally by adding historical materials in the ICT field to its collection,” implying that IGC has taken a step further.

The Incheon Global Campus Foundation plans to preserve permanently and widely use the donated materials by creating an ‘Dr. OH Myung Gateway to Korean ICT’ in the library to preserve and utilize donated materials.