Signed MOU for Yeonsu e-EUM

Special Card


IGC signed a three-party MOU with the Yeonsu-gu Office and KONA I to build a “One Card One Pass” service system in which student IDs, passes, and payment functions are integrated into a single “Yeonsu e-EUM” card. The Card is the first local currency in the country that the city of Incheon has been implementing since 2018 to revitalize the local economy and increase sales with small businesses. This is the first case of issuing university student IDs as “Yeonsu e-EUM” cards. Students can use it as an ID card for access to the campus, as well as convenience facilities on campus. They can also receive a cashback discount of up to 20% when paying with a student ID in Yeonsu-gu. In the future, IGC plans to discover and apply a wide range of ideas for improving student convenience and revitalizing the local economy