IGC JOURNAL 2021 Spring 


IGC Universities, accelerating their

collaborations with industries


IGC Foundation made a MOU agreement with Namdong- and Seo-gu Offices of Incheon Metropolitan City in December 2020. In February this year, it had an online kickoff meeting on supports for industry-academia cooperation with Namdong-gu Office, embarking on its full-blown supports. At the conference, Corporate Support Team of Namdong-gu Office, Managers' Federation of the office, and those involved in foreign university business at IGC discussed active future collaborations on industry-academia cooperation, student internship, and volunteer service while sharing ideas on corporate support projects of Namdong-gu Office, current state of companies in the Namdong-gu, and current management of foreign universities. PAEK Ki-hun, CEO of IGC Foundation, said, "There are a huge number of potential projects between IGC universities and companies in Namdong-gu including internship opportunities joint projects and volunteer service programs to benefit the community.

On March 26th, IGC universities had a meeting with Korean Free Economic Zones of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy to push forward industry-academia cooperation. AHN Sung-il, Head of Korean Free Economic Zones of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, KIM Tae-gwon, Director General of Investment Inducement of Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority, and Presidents and Dean of IGC Universities participated the meeting. At the conference, The State University of New York, Korea shared its research projects with corporations covering AI and other areas; George Mason University Korea talked about the management of Dispute Resolution Center and Research Center for Security Policies; Ghent University Global Campus presented its plan for retraining for workers and the development of new material materials; and The University of Utah Asia Campus shared its plan for industry-academia cooperation to attract a medical innovation center.