IGC-Uway Co., Ltd. Signs MOU to Increase Student Recruitment Rate and Recognition


IGC Foundation and Uway Co., Ltd. signed an MOU to attract students and raise the recognition of IGC. Through this MOU, the two institutions will cooperate in public relations and information to attract new and transfer students, produce and develop related content and programs together, and promote mutual development and other matters of interest. YU Pyung-ryun, CEO of the Foundation, said, “Since all universities in IGC are foreign universities, they admit students differently from the domestic university admission system. Students and parents wishing to enter the school will need more detailed explanations and guidance,” and emphasized, “If we target the broad network and customer base provided by Uway, we will be able to attract students more effectively,” expressing his will to establish an omni-directional cooperative relationship with Uway in the future. SEONG Yoon-seok, CEO of Uway, also responded, “With this MOU, we will cooperate to make many excellent students worldwide would come to IGC.”