Hosted Ambassador Invitational

FAM Tour


Incheon Global Campus held an “IGC FAM Tour” event, inviting about 20 diplomat delegates and their spouses on November 3. Participants included delegations from thirteen countries such as Algeria, Latvia, Estonia, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Iran, Fiji and Libya, along with ambassadors from the UAE, Kyrgyzstan, and Peru. They listened to briefings on IGC at the IGC PR Center, and toured the Campus including SUNY Korea's FIT exhibition hall, GMU Korea, UAC, and the GUGC laboratory. The CEO of the IGC Foundation, PAEK Ki-hun said that “The visit of diplomatic delegations to IGC, which marked its fifth year in 2020, serves as momentum to raise awareness of IGC among diplomats from various countries, and asked for their active support so that students from their home countries could study at IGC.”