IGC Familiarization Tour 

for Daegu High School Students


IGC held a Familiarization Tour for high school students in Daegu to provide opportunities for career exploration and inspire learning motivation. The Tour, conducted in cooperation with the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education, was attended by 40 students, teachers, and officials from the Office of Education and lasted for about 2 hours.

In the first part of the tour, the IGC promotional video was screened at the IGC Public Relations Hall, followed by presenting the concept and vision of the IGC, major programs at each university, and graduate students’ current career paths. Later, they moved to each university’s building and had an indirect experience of facilities and student spaces. After the tour, professors and enrolled students met with high school students to share information about their majors and career setting experiences, providing customized information that students needed and were curious about when exploring their career paths. An official from the Daegu Office of Education said, “Daegu’s students had the opportunity to meet and talk with enrolled students and professors in person and tour the campus, giving them the motivation to learn about various career paths.”