IGC JOURNAL 2021 Spring 


Incheon Global Campus Foundation,

converting non-regular employees into regular ones


The IGC Foundation converted its non-regular(subcontract) workers into regular ones according to the government's "guidelines for the conversion of non-regular workers into regular ones." Its employee quota was approved in October last year, and December saw the start of its recruitment planning and procedure. In January 2021, IGC Foundation recruited 117 workers through direct employment, converting non-regular workers into regular ones. These measures will help to increase the efficiency of manpower management, raise customer satisfaction through fast and immediate business handling, create new jobs and social values in the public sector, and contribute to employment stability through the improved working conditions of non-regular workers. Big effects are especially anticipated including a discrimination-free workplace between regular and non-regular workers by resolving discriminatory elements among the members. Expanding broadly in size through this conversion, the foundation underwent reorganization on January 1, 2021 and consisted of four teams including Administrative Affairs Team, University Relations Team, Facility and Safety Management Team, and Campus Operating Team. The entire staff members are working together and doing their best to build the best global education hub in Northeast Asia.