IGC JOURNAL 2021 Spring 


Incheon Global Campus Foundation, making a

"win-win business agreement among industry,

academia and government."



On March 23, IGC Foundation made a "business agreement for win-win partnership among industry, academia, and government" with Gyeyang-gu Office of Incheon and Seowoon Industrial Complex Management Center to promote industry-academia cooperation between the IGC Universities and companies in the community. PAEK Ki-hun, CEO of IGC, PARK Hyeong-woo, Mayor of Gyeyang-gu office, and LEE Chan-kyu, Director of Seowoon Industrial Complex Management Center signed the agreement. The agreement mainly covers the activation of industry-academia-government cooperation through the utilization of excellent human resources, sharing of technological information, joint projects, joint use of research facilities and equipments, and joint tasks.