IGC’s Regional Win-Win Programs

Making Regions Even More Vibrant

From student scholarships to citizen universities and study-abroad programs that all community members can participate in, along with future talent scholarships and shuttle bus operations, IGC has been revitalizing the local community by creating various win-win programs. Let’s take a closer look at some of these projects to promote coexistence and collaborations with the region.

Incheon Citizen Life College, Sharing the Joy of Learning

IGC is participating as the Global Citizen Campus of Incheon Citizens University Citizen Life College. This program aims to improve the international capabilities of Incheon citizens by providing specialized lectures based on the strengths of each school: SUNY Korea opened courses focusing on vocational education and international understanding; Mason Korea concentrated on foreign languages and international experiences; and UAC focused on full-time entrepreneurship and future technologies. For the first semester, which began in April, classes are held once a week for two hours, with lectures for each subject consisting of five or eight sessions. Citizen Life College is open to all residents, from those in their 80s to those who have completed more than 400 hours of classes, and the reported level of satisfaction is very high. IGC actively utilizes university resources to provide quality education to members of society and continues to cooperate with Incheon City on a contribution project basis.

IGC Future Talent Scholarships to Support IGC Students’ Growth as Global Leaders

IGC established the “Future Talent Scholarship” as a support system to discover local talents and foster them into global talents. One beneficiary from each university (altogether five beneficiaries), implemented from the Spring semester of 2024, will be selected among first-year students at IGC. Six institutions that agreed to support economically disadvantaged but promising students established this scholarship system through investment to enable these students to pursue their dreams in the fields of their choice. IGC universities and the Incheon Institute for Talent and Lifelong Education recommend and select beneficiary students, and IGC, which is carrying out an active global leader development project through free exchanges with the university, is moving one step closer to its vision of cultivating future talents with this special scholarship system.

IGC Shuttle Buses for the Convenience of Students and Residents

IGC operates a shuttle bus departing from Campus Town Station for the convenience of students, faculty, and staff, along with residents who visit IGC for various purposes. Considering users’ needs, and according to the reorganization plan that will operate from March to December of this year, the shuttle bus rotates between the station and campus on all days of the week, excluding weekends and public holidays. The IGC shuttle bus takes only five minutes for a one-way trip, making it a convenient means of transportation between the campus and the city center.

IGC Study-Abroad Program Offering New Opportunities

IGC provides overseas university training opportunities to socioeconomically disadvantaged youths. These programs aim to help young people in challenging environments develop themselves, plan their futures, and explore various career paths. The 100 selected candidates will receive eight weeks of domestic training, with 20 out of this original 100 (demonstrating excellent performances) receiving one week of overseas training, including visits to universities and companies of interest. Youths residing in Incheon can apply, and applicants will undergo an English interview and evaluation of their academic and career plans. Recruitment and selection of participants will take place in June. IGC actively practices social contribution and regional coexistence through study-abroad programs utilizing foreign university infrastructure.