‌Scenes from the Joint Admission Information Session at IGC, 

the Hub of Global Education

Interest in IGC is growing hotter. On December 2, the five universities at IGC held the 2023 IGC Joint Admission Information Session for high school students, their parents, and teachers nationwide at the main auditorium. This event also included university-specific admission consultations and briefing sessions by expert admission instructors on the Understanding and Strategies for College Entrance in 2025 and 2026. The event site on this day was full of curiosity and questions about IGC.

Leading Overseas Universities in Songdo

IGC is a campus made up of five leading overseas universities and fostering remarkable global talents. The first university to open at IGC (in 2012) was SUNY Korea-Stony Brook University (SBU), an international campus of the State University of New York. In 2014, Mason Korea, UAC, and GUGC followed with openings at IGC, and in 2017, SUNY Korea-Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) joined the campus, as well. As the resident universities further establish themselves, interest in IGC is also growing hotter. One of the most significant advantages of studying at IGC universities is that they are extended campuses operated under the same curriculums as their main campuses. The academic affairs of the main and extended campuses include active exchanges between faculty and students. Accordingly, IGC students can study for three years during their undergraduate courses and spend six months to one year at the main campus.


 For Koreans studying abroad, the average annual tuition fee can be well over KRW 50 million. The advantage of IGC is that you can receive that same level of education at half the cost. As a result, IGC is contributing to the domestic economy by improving the study-abroad budget by more than KRW 150 billion per year. Additionally, IGC is working with the local community to attract more top universities and talent, always striving to build itself into a world-class educational hub with 10 leading global campuses and 10,000 students.

        Tips for Admission!

  •  ‌The IGC admission process is conducted separately from the rolling and regular recruitment of other universities in Korea.
  •  ‌You can apply regardless of whether you are in liberal arts or science streams.
  •  ‌You can apply with only your high school grades and without any CSAT scores.