IGC Industry-University Cooperation Groups 

for Win-Win Development between 

Foreign Universities and Domestic Industries

IGC’s industry-university cooperation groups have been promoting win-win development for local communities by providing students with hands-on experience and networking opportunities and by giving local businesses access to innovative ideas from talented individuals. Here are some examples of such activities led by IGC universities.

SUNY Korea Leads the Convergent Education in the Phase of Industry 4.0

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Since opening in March 2012, SUNY Korea has grown into one of the country’s largest foreign higher education institutions while hosting Stony Brook University and the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), which boast the most outstanding reputations within the SUNY system. In September 2020, to enhance its research capabilities and promote excellence, SUNY Korea formed an independent corporation dedicated to industry-academic collaboration, in compliance with the Industrial Education Enhancement and Industry-Academia Research Cooperation Promotion Act.

Despite a relatively brief history of about 12 years, SUNY Korea has achieved remarkable results while being securing approximately KRW 40 billion in research funding from industry and the government. In particular, the university won most of its research funding orders through collaborative research with various domestic and foreign industries, such as LG Electronics, Hyundai NGV, Allianz PNB INC, and Chanel Korea. Additionally, it is noteworthy that about 53 percent of all pure R&D projects last year related to technology development research in artificial intelligence, big data, and the metaverse, which are core technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution. On April 3, SUNY Korea entered into an industry-academia partnership with General Motors (GM) to nurture future talents within the local community. This collaboration will enable the university to enhance local educational and research programs in the STEAM disciplines—science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics—through joint efforts with GM and the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education. Moreover, the university aims to establish a foundation to facilitate exchanges and  research collaborations with various international universities. An example of such initiatives includes the development of ‘Non-contact sensor-based safety inspection equipment and stability evaluation technology for maritime structures and machinery.’ in collaboration with the Korean Register and SUNY’ s main campus in the United States.

Arthur H. Lee, Campus President of SUNY Korea

STRATEGY : Focused Impact through Contributions to the Community

Despite its smaller scale compared to typical domestic universities, as an extension campus of the State University of New York, SUNY Korea prioritizes maximizing the distinct advantages of its unique features. Avoiding research aimed at securing short-term results, it pursues selective, applicable R&D industry-academia collaborations that can impact both industry and the community.

GOAL : Growing into the Center of the World

SUNY Korea aims to promote mutual development between academia and industry through close cooperation with industry and by creating an environment where local companies can operate successfully on the world stage. This year, in particular, SUNY Korea is seeking to grow Incheon into a global hub for industry. Accordingly, we plan to actively promote the internationalization of research and development by activating exchanges and joint research with the main campus in the United States and with various overseas universities.

Mason Korea Leads Change through Creative Digital Innovation

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IUCF at Mason Korea was launched on January 11, 2022. Dr. Shannon N. Davis, dean of Academic Affairs at George Mason University Korea and director of IUCF, has led Mason Korea’s unique model for cooperation. IUCF promotes industry-academia cooperation that coexists with the local community while strengthening regional innovation and competitiveness for industry. Pursuing social responsibility and collaborative practice as its core concepts, IUCF is achieving significant results across many fields.

Through an active partnership with Incheon, IUCF promoted programs like Incheon Citizens University, Global Media and Information Utilization Education Camp, and the International Education Academy Youth Forum. In addition, in collaboration with George Mason University’s Law School and Innovation Policy Center, this organization held an international conference on “The Role of Intellectual Property Policy in the Growth of K-Pop.” In addition, in partnership with NC Soft, IUCF co-hosted “Progress@Play,” an international digital art competition, to engage with youth worldwide in a discussion covering important issues in modern society regarding digital art. Programs such as forums and internships allow students to develop an international perspective and creative skills to solve social problems. In 2024, IUCF at Mason Korea aims to establish the “Korea Functional Game Research Institute.” As an affiliated organization of the Virginia Functional Game Research Institute in the United States, this new institute plans to engage in international joint research to utilize computer games for various purposes, including digital therapy. In addition, IUCF intends to expand cooperation with local organizations, such as the Local Government Officials Development Institute and Korea Electric Power Corporation, and to provide customized executive education programs to move one step closer to coexistence between foreign universities and domestic industries.

Dr. Shannon N. Davis, Director of IUCF at Mason Korea

STRATEGY : We Will Leap forward to Become a Hub for Business Expertise

IUCF at Mason Korea continues to grow by constantly challenging itself with three main goals. First off, we want to become a hub for social science and business expertise that boasts an excellent faculty. In addition, we seek to foster talents in leadership, social science and business analysis, and computer game design to form a community of experts and to realize public interest by activating knowledge sharing through connections between the faculty and local experts.

GOAL : Connecting Industry, Researchers, and Other Members of Society

IUCF at Mason Korea will expand its base through innovative, cross-cutting research and collaborative partnerships. IUCF will serve as a center for industry with a focus on Korea and the United States. To this end, we will connect industry, researchers, and members of society, ready ourselves for active problem solving, and collaboratively find answers to any challenges faced.

GUGC Presents a New Vision in Environmental Engineering

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and Bio Convergence Research Center #Seaweed Chocolate

The Industry-Academia Cooperation Group of GUGC, Korea’s only European university, was established in July 2021. This organization aims to build a glocal hub connecting industry, academia, government, and research institutes. Currently, six experts are working on 13 research projects (KRW 730 million in 2022; KRW 1 billion in 2023). GUGC, which aims to become a research-oriented university, has successfully attracted Marine@Ugent, a global marine, environmental, and bio-convergence research center. Through this institute, GUGC expects synergistic effects like international joint marine research and development and the fostering of new marine industries. In addition, GUGC has won the project “Technical Evaluation of Bioeffects on Rivers and Lakes Based on Korean Endemic Species” from the Ministry of Environment and has established the first international standard ISO (ISO 4079) for “the Bioeffects Evaluation Technique Based on Korean Endemic Species” in Korea, demonstrating its strengths in environmental engineering. GUGC is participating in a project to create a smart farm complex located in Jeungpyeong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, based on the highest level of biotechnology and agricultural technology, and it is conducting cooperative projects, such as crop cultivation training, dispatching research personnel, and advising on smart farm design. In 2023, GUGC promoted its commercialization of a seaweed chocolate recipe jointly developed with Cacaolab in Belgium. In addition, GUGC plans to operate a “Science Café” to facilitate technical information exchanges, joint research, technology commercialization, and investment among industries, universities, governments, and research institutes.

Han Tae-jun, Campus President of GUGC

STRATEGY : Toward Maritime Innovation

Currently, GUGC’s Industry-Academia Cooperation Group aims to promote technology transfers, commercialization, and future high-value-added businesses through collaboration with Marine@Ugent, which will open in 2024, and the TechTransfer Office of our university in Belgium. From the SDG Green School to the protection of fishery resources and ocean innovation after the discharge of contaminated water from Fukushima, we are more actively promoting industry-academia cooperation activities by setting three stages of implementation tasks.

GOAL : Creating a Virtuous Cycle for Students

We aim to build a model that successfully links industry, universities, government, and research institutes by fostering future technologies and linking international maritime clusters. Additionally, by activating international joint research, GUGC hopes to contribute to transforming domestic science and technology. Revitalizing industry-academia cooperation also contributes to university finances, which can lead to the expansion of scholarships for current students. GUGC aims to further build out this virtuous cycle.

UAC Dreams of Supporting Local Industries’ Advancements into Global Markets

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#Center for Medical Innovation (CMI) Asia

The University of Utah is a prestigious state university in the United States, ranked 48th nationwide and 83rd worldwide. UAC, the IGC campus of this remarkable university, established the Industry Foundation in 2021. This organization focuses on domestic medical device companies and has practiced active industry-academia collaboration.

The University of Utah Asia Campus Industry Foundation (UIF) has conducted various advisory programs for domestic companies to enter the U.S. market, such as the Seoul Bio Hub global expansion local specialized program, Scale-up Challenge Lab (global bio), and the Incheon Bio Center overseas expansion support program. 

In particular, this organization received tremendous responses from the industry by conducting coexistence and contribution activities with the local community, such as corporate IR deck consulting and U.S. FDA approval diagnosis. In addition, UAC once again proved that it is a top university in the technology and management fields by operating a booth at the 2023 Silicon Slopes Summit held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The UIF, taking a leap toward regional coexistence and revitalization of international industries with its world-class faculty, is offering yet another semester’s worth of courses ranging across various programs, including Economics, Accounting, Journalism, and Entrepreneurship, at  the Incheon Citizen College In addition, the UIF plans to provide global cutting-edge bio startup success strategies and entrepreneurship education and to introduce the Center for Medical Innovation (CMI) Asia to support FDA approval for the domestic medical industry to advance overseas.

Hyun Ji-hoon, Vice Director of the UAC Industry-University Cooperation Group

STRATEGY : Coexistence with the Region through Industrial Support

Based on the status and capabilities of the University of Utah, which boasts 174 years of history, UAC supports domestic companies and strives for coexistence with the local community. In particular, UAC provides comprehensive support to startups and other domestic industries, including preparations and investments for entering the U.S. market, all while promoting coexistence with the community.

GOAL : Support for Excellent Talents and Ideas

The University of Utah, located in Salt Lake City, USA, is highly regarded internationally for its bachelor’s and master’s programs in Entrepreneurship and Management. Despite its long history and tradition, the University of Utah’s greatest strength is its focus on youthful thinking and innovation. Following this trend, UAC aims to support and mature Korea’s outstanding human resources and innovative ideas, thereby advancing them into the United States, the world’s largest market. UAC hopes to contribute to Korea’s economic growth and raise the university’s status through such efforts.