Professor Michael D. Lepetch 

Visited IGC




The Stanford Center at the Incheon Global Campus(SCIGC) is scheduled to open in IGC during the second half of this year. IFEZA signed an MOU on the establishment of and support for the smart city research center with Stanford University in December 2019. In relation to this, Professor Michael D. LEPECH in charge of the research center visited IGC on January 6. He examined the site where the center will be located and discussed lease contract and other matters with the authority. He also explained the roles of the research center and the ways to cooperate with IGC. The center established a local corporation in South Korea in April while IGC is preparing for the beginning of its operations scheduled for September. The SCIGC engages in research in a wide range of fields including technology, urban environment, finance, economy, integration, and dissemination relating to smart cities. The center is also planning to positively exchange with domestic universities and relevant organizations by promoting joint projects. The attraction of this research institute will lead to enhancing industrial competitiveness further by combining with South Korea's advanced information and communication technology (ICT) and Songdo International City's smart city and other infrastructures. The establishment of an affiliated research institute of Stanford University, the backbone of industry-academia cooperation in the Silicon Valley, should help reinforce industry-academia-research cooperation as well as the development of Incheon Metropolitan City.