IGC Foundation held a presentation 

for senior teachers 

in charge of career and educational guidance


On January 15, the IGC Foundation invited senior preparatory teachers for career and educational guidance from middle and high schools across the country, and held a career training and a presentation session on admissions. The presentation was planned as a foreign university on-site training program for 320 middle and high school teachers who are in career training in cooperation with the Korea National University of Education's Center of In-service Education. IGC CEO PAEK Kihun explained the backgrounds and goals of the IGC, and this was followed by the introduction to departments and curriculum by the admission centers of foreign universities.  

CEO Paek said, “It is the first time that senior preparatory teachers, who will offer advice on career and college admissions at middle and high schools nationwide, visit the IGC. It is very meaningful for these teachers to get to know the campus because they will be able to provide a broader range of information and options to their students who want to study abroad or to pursue  global careers.” 

“We will help to expand the scope of career training for teachers by introducing the departments, curriculum, and career education of foreign universities, while also informing them about IGC,”he stated. He also revealed that “Going forward, we will continue to invite frontline teachers to IGC.”