Incheon Global Campus

Committed to close cooperation

 with Incheon for preemptive COVID-19 response


On February 5, Incheon Metropolitan City hosted a COVID-19 response inspection meeting at the G-Tower in Songdo International City to understand the current response situations of universities within its jurisdiction and to discuss action plans. Attendees included Mayor PARK Namchoon, commissioner LEE Wonjae of the IFEZA, and CEO PAEK Kihun of Incheon Global Campus Foundation.

The IGC Foundation held seven COVID-19 response meetings with the presidents of each university from early February to the end of March. Through these meetings, most universities in IGC decided to proceed with the entire spring semester online. IGC has been providing contingencies by monitoring its users and visitors with thermal imaging cameras installed at the entrance of dormitories, and quarantining rooms and temporary shelters. 

For students returning from overseas, IGC is implementing meticulous management practices to ensure their safety and health by conducting mandatory self-isolation for two weeks. Andray Abrahamian, a visiting scholar at George Mason University Korea, said in an interview with Time, the US magazine that “The number of cases in South Korea seems high at least in part because the country has high diagnostic capability, a free press, and a democratically accountable system.” 

Currently, South Korea's accurate and prompt response to the health crisis is highly praised as a global model for the prevention of the epidemic. Going forward, the IGC Foundation plans to do its best to overcome the crisis in compliance with the central government's preemptive guidelines.