IGC JOURNAL 2021 Spring 


The State University of New York, Korea will be

with you and your new dreams in New Normal.


JEONG Hye-won

freshman at The State University of New York, Korea

"I was able to make a new leap by challenging myself with a 

new opportunity and overcoming the difficulties and failures in the process. 

I believe that I will have diverse experiences and leaps 

at The State University of New York, Korea."

Would you introduce yourself briefly?

Hello? I am Jeong Hye-won, a new student at The State University of New York, Korea in Applied Math and Statistics in the Spring Semester of 2021.

I wonder your motivation behind your application for The State University of New York, Korea. Could you tell me what made choose The State University of New York, Korea and its Applied Math and Statistics department over other prestigious schools in the nation?

It was in my sophomore year in high school that I first got to know State University of New York, Korea. My biggest considerations were the fitness of my choice of major and opportunities for diverse experiences. Having a lot of interest in math, statistics, and data science, I wanted to study in a department encompassing all of them and was considerably attracted to the Applied Math and Statistics department at State University of New York, Korea. I was also pleased with abundant opportunities for diverse experiences provided by the school. All students at The State University of New York, Korea have a chance to study on the New York campus for a year, and I was intrigued by the chance of meeting with diverse people of different cultures and looking at the world in a broader viewpoint.

Do you have your own tips for preparations for college admission?

I placed the utmost importance on my self-introduction and essay, in which I worked hard to tell my honest stories about my most valuable values and my most active activities during high school. It is important to promote one's own strengths in an essay. It is a good approach to decide keywords to reveal one's strengths such as "leadership" and "mathematical thinking abilities" before writing an essay. In my case, I made efforts to partake in all the activities and competitions at school and thus had many things to include in my application. Of them, I especially emphasized my awards and activities related to Applied Math and Statistics on the paper. 

How do you feel about your college life so far?

All the lectures have been in the non-contact form due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but I am highly satisfied with them. I have a lot of assignments and tests. I usually have no leisure time, busy with reviews and assignments after lectures, but I can see that my abilities are actually improving through lectures and assignments. This drives me to work harder.  

What is the mood like during lectures at The State University of New York, Korea?

The schools encourages students to study a lot overall. In non-contact lectures, the professors try hard to check whether students understand what is covered and encourage them to ask lots of questions. When I have questions about what was covered in lectures, I can get immediate feedback on my questions. The professors ask students of their opinions about the content of their lectures and exchange ideas with them, and I like this approach as it helps me have in-depth thoughts about concepts and build knowledge about the parts I did not know. At The State University of New York, Korea, many students try to take active part in lectures and enjoy active interactions with their teachers.