IGC JOURNAL 2021 Spring 


George Mason University Korea,

the soil for my dream and passion

LEE Hea-su
graduate of George Mason University Korea


LEE Hea-su is about to study at London School of Economics and Political 

Science after enjoying her undergraduate days to the fullest at George Mason 

University Korea. Let's hear from her about her college life at George 

Mason University Korea, which has been a solid foundation for 

her journey of growing her dreams in the world

 based on colorful experiences.

Would you introduce your graduate school program briefly?

The Global Media and Communication program of London School of Economics and Political Science that I was admitted in ranked No. 1 in the U.K. and No. 3 in the world on the 2021 QS World University Rankings.

How were your education and experiences at George Mason University Korea helpful with your preparation for the graduate program?

I participated in almost every activity that George Mason University Korea provided. My participation in leadership enhancement activities was especially broad, covering Resident Advisor(RA), internship, editor-in-chief at the student paper The Voice, co-founder of the media channel "Asian Boss Next(ABN)," and student fellow at the Center for Security Policy Studies-Korea. My experiences at ABN, in particular, became a decisive element in my passion for global media. ABN is a collaboration project between George Mason University Korea and the media channel Asian Boss. When I founded ABN, my goal was to "create a youth-led platform to offer truthful voices and balanced viewpoints about social issues." I had endless discussions and meetings with my team members to establish ABN as a valuable journalism community, growing my passion for media and communication further. In my senior year, I began to work for East Asia Australasian Flyway Partnership(EAAFP), an international organization committed to the protection of migratory water birds. As an assistant for external cooperation and foundation work, I worked on volunteer service and fundraising campaigns with stakeholders at international organizations for about a year and refined my media skills needed to release press materials, social media content, and electronic newsletters. I was able to build an undergraduate career of diverse activities thanks to the unique compact community of George Mason University Korea characterized by close interactions between students and the faculty and personnel. There were channels through which I could ask for regular advise and get information about new internship opportunities. I also hesitated no time to contact professors at George Mason University, Fairfax in order to obtain expertise about media. Working as a member of Society of Professional Journalists(SPJ) at Fourth Estate, the official news media of Fairfax students, I solidified my determination of continuing my study in media and communication.

Do you have any words for students at George Mason University Korea in preparation for an overseas graduate program?

I believe it is important to allow yourself the most chances for challenges and experiences in college. Having such experiences, students get to reinforce their intellectual curiosity for the study of their interest and develop their own stories. It is an important opportunity. In my case, I took active part in a variety of activities including student clubs, all kinds of committees, and discussions and thus established a professional foundation. Engaging in these activities, I was able to learn to lead an organization fully, function as a media expert, and get along with people of diverse backgrounds. I recommend that students will always have a challenging attitude.