Promising a Future When You

Will Transform Into Global


HAN Taejun

President of Ghent University Global Campus


Ghent University Global Campus is the world's only extended campus of 

Ghent University, a prestigious European university boasting a 201-year history. 

Currently, it offers three 4-year Bachelor's programs: Molecular Biotechnology, 

Environmental Technology, and Food Technology, and plans to newly establish master's and doctoral programs soon. Its emphasis is on training practical skills that can be immediately applied to research institutes and industries, along with theoretical lectures, through

which students stand out as excellent professionals in their major fields upon graduation.

What is the plan of Ghent University Global Campus?

Our goal is to cultivate glocal talents who will pioneer the region and the world in the fields of Environmental Technology, Food Technology, and Molecular Biotechnology, and to become a research-focused university that leads the science and technology and industries in the 21st century. We will do our utmost to make a positive impact on the development of Incheon Metropolitan City and South Korea, as well as Asia and the whole world, by serving as an Asian hub that introduces Belgium's excellent educational, scientific, cultural, industrial and economic systems. This involves promoting exchanges with prestigious universities, research centers, and industries in Europe and South Korea via close collaboration with world-class professors and researchers at our home campus. We also provide our students with an opportunity to accumulate hands-on experience required by research centers and industries by dispatching them as interns. In addition, we intend to revitalize the environmentfood-bio industries while contributing to enhancing the nation's technological competitiveness, by taking the know-how and information of high-level technologies that has been researched and developed at our home campus and global campus and distributing it to bio cluster companies in Songdo, Incheon, and other domestic industrial entities.

How are you prepared for the post-corona era?

We are making every effort for preemptive quarantine and prevention in our learning spaces and facilities with the safety of students as our top priority. We also strive to build the very best online lecture environment including high-quality live streaming and recording installations by making generous investments in minimizing learning gaps and improving the quality of non-face-to-face classes so that students' right to study will not be infringed for a long period of time. In the future, we plan to offer our students high-level hybrid-type classes so that the outstanding strengths of GUGC, namely experiment- and research-oriented education, can shine, by appropriately mixing non-face-to-face theory classes with face-to-face experiment and practice depending on the situation.

Could you explain about the Inter-Korean cooperation and 

smart marine industry promotion on the five West Sea islands project?

The project is designed to realize a sustainable marine bio blue economy on the Korean Peninsula as well as to guarantee peace between the two Koreas through academic and industrial technology exchanges at the private level. On the ground, it is a large-scale project to build an industrialization platform by installing a Seaweed Peace Belt connecting North and South Koreas on the coast of Ongjin-gun, Incheon; register mud flats on Ganghwa-do and Hwanghae-do as joint UNESCO World Heritage Sites; and create a biomass-biorefinery technology platform (a mud flat oil field) of microalgae and diatoms. For the successful pursuit of this project, the GUGC hosted South Korea-Belgium seminars and international symposiums last year, and made great accomplishments. This included laying the foundation for international cooperation by fourteen countries, in addition to cooperation between the two countries. I believe that we will get to do something that will deserve being put on record in world history with our glocal partners as our professors, students, graduate students, and staff will take the initiative in this global project.

Lastly, could you say something to enrolled and prospective students?

University is not the final stop but the starting point. Please take pride in that Ghent University Global Campus is one of the best universities in South Korea. I hope that you will do your best to study, act, and continue developing by “firmly rejecting the ordinary, thinking bold and adventurous, and having high wills" as our school motto.