A Positive and Active

College Life, a Gift From

Mason Korea

LEE Gyu-yong
GMUK Graduate


A graduate of Mason Korea with a major in Accounting, 
LEE Gyu-yong started his career as an international trade consultant. 
Let's hear the story of a youth who found his way without
losing hope even in a difficult job market.

Please explain about your current field of work.

I tried and passed the AICPA exam to work as a CPA in the global market. Then, I completed an internship at an American accounting firm to build up my career skills. Currently, I am working as an international trade consultant at the International Trade Consulting company. I am primarily involved in applications for domestic trade remedies, FTA and places of origin management, and customs evaluation. In the future, I plan to take charge of defending various international trade dispute cases on behalf of South Korean companies.

Please describe your job searching and interviewing process

I uploaded my English resume on a job site, called Saramin, and they contacted me. They requested a Korean resume, so I reached out to LEE Sang-yong, Director of Mason Korea’s Career Development Center(CDC). I got a lot of help in writing a Korean resume and obtained an interview opportunity through his careful guidance and advice. I received practical advice from him regarding interviews, and prepared for them with the help of YouTube and Naver content that he provided.

What did you obtain from Mason Korea?

I think the things I learned while doing an internship at an American accounting firm helped me a lot when joining the company. In addition to the Career Development Center that provided me a lot of help, I received guidance assistance from professors and faculty anytime whenever I wanted. I was provided with many examples and tips for writing a Korean resume, as well as interview strategies, and advice from Professor LEE Jenny Jung-wha and Chief Business Officer Gbemi DISU. If Professor LEE had not suggested me to take the AICPA exam, I wouldn't have been able to come this far in my career.

What advice do you have for Mason Korea students preparing for employment?

My strongest recommendation is to "stay active." Stay active and the opportunities will come. Get involved with many school activities and meet new people through various clubs and leadership roles. In my case, I came to more actively interact with school professors and faculty members through school leadership positions as a Peer Advisor(PA) and a Resident Advisor(RA), and the student council. I also got to know a lot of people outside the school through the President Student Advisory Group(PSAG) and the Regional Student Advisory Group(RSAG), and I obtained a great deal of information and support from them. You need to get out of your comfort zone and explore new and diverse situations, and take action for your future.