Electrical & Computer Engineering and Graphic Design Majors To Be Newly Offered

Majors in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Graphic Design will be newly offered beginning from the 2021 spring semester and the 2021 fall semester, respectively. The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering offers highquality, accredited education upon receiving the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology(ABET) certification, an American engineering certification system that is recognized around the world. Research expenses in Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Utah exceeded USD 10 million(KRW 11.2 billion) in 2011. The Department of Graphic Design allows students to have expertise so that they can engage in actual work right after graduation with a curriculum that focuses on practical training-based professional project classes. Students can grow into design experts required in the new media era by learning how to deliver images effectively and build an efficient visual system, plus visual design principles and typography, in addition to design.


Selected for 2020 SZIEP Special Zones in Yeonsu-gu, Incheon

The UTAH Asia Campus was selected for "Youth Global Citizenship Camp for Sustainable Development" of the 2020 Special Zones for Internationalization of Education Project(SZIEP) in Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, on November 11. Going forward it plans to hold a Global CSR A-Z Camp for UN Sustainable Development Goals(Global CSR Camp) for middle and high school students in the Yeonsu-gu area. Sponsored by the Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education, the camp will consist of discussions on effective English study methods with international faculty and student mentors, and small-scale, customized English discussions on UN Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) involving the environment, human rights, and hunger. It will also provide seminars on career advice needed for the international community, including the use and necessity of English, from executives and working-level officials of the university's global CSR partners such as Edelman Korea, Arirang International Broadcasting, The Korea Times, and Global Green Growth Institute(GGGI). Planned with a total of five-stage programs to be operated from November 28 to January 16, all programs will be given non-faceto- face, using the Zoom platform, except for the campus tour, and will be available upon the receipt of applications.


Introducing the Center for Medical Innovation(CMI)

The Utah Asia Campus inaugurated "The University of Utah Asia Campus Advisory Committee" for its vision and development, and discussed ways to promote the introduction of the CMI at the University of Utah to South Korea. Not only does CMI rank first in terms of service quality among university medical centers, but it also contributes significantly to the startups at the university, which has produced the fourth-largest number of entrepreneurs among U.S. universities. Bernhard FASSL, MD, the Executive Director for the CMI, said that the CMI Asia will focus on supporting startups and early-stage biotechnology companies with commercialization resources and educational programming on best practices for success in the medical device industry. This will also include assistance in the U.S. FDA approvals for the South Korean medical industry's overseas expansion.