Professor BARTLETT proposed measures for adjusting the construction of the Second Ring Expressway

Dr. Steven F. BARTLETT, a professor of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering in the U Asia Campus recently proposed a construction plan for the Second Ring Expressway, using a tunnel to preserve the natural environment of the Songdo Coast in All That Songdo online community. With regard to an elevated highway in the vicinity of Incheon Bridge which is currently being discussed, he claimed that “It would not only cause severe noise pollution but also affect the sea view” and that “Noise pollution should be minimized and the sea view should be preserved as much as possible.” He also explained that it would be efficient to construct the road along the sea-wall and that minimizing curves of the road and building a closed-air causeway in the middle to create a space for people to enjoy the sea on it would be the best alternative. As a global specialist in environmental engineering, he has participated in such projects as Gunsan Saemangeum in South Korea, Disneyland in Shanghai, and Mission Rock in San Francisco.


OH Sooyoung, a news anchor at Arirang TV, invited for a special lecture on global CSR

The U Asia Campus held an online special lecture on “International Broadcasting & Global CSR” for students of Communications Department on April 20. The special lecture was given by OH Sooyoung, the main anchor and news writer at Arirang International Broadcasting. She focused on the concept and roles of international broadcasting media and the expanding global values of Arirang TV. In particular, she explained about the composition and vision of Arirang International Broadcasting’s global platform that was based on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by further expanding community-centered social contribution activities. In addition, she discussed with the students about the attitude that we should take in order for South Korea to achieve “a better international society,” and the roles and obligations that we should perform as world citizens. She also had a Q&A session in various fields including how to cover COVID-19 news, the current status of K-POP globalization, and employment in international broadcasting.