Joined GGGI's "Blue Skies & NetZero 2050" campaign

The University of Utah Asia Campus announced that it decided to participate in the "Blue Skies & NetZero 2050" campaign from the spring semester of 2020. The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and the embassies of Denmark, EU, France and the UK in the Republic of Korea agreed to partner on this civil society campaign. With an aim to raise and support public awareness of the air pollution and climate crises, the campaign is carrying out a wide range of activities. These involve promoting energy conversion to address air pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, plus clean air land climate crisis legislation, and actions in civil society, all while raising public awareness through education.


Joined a donation campaign to support the COVID-19 victims

UAC participated in a parade of donations to support the victims of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Incheon from March 3 to 10. The fundraising campaign was conducted mainly by its foreign professors in hopes of a quick recovery of the local community damaged by COVID-19, and the funds raised were delivered to the Community Chest of Korea in Incheon on March 11. It was an activity in which the esprit de corps of foreign professors living with local community.


Operated community contribution program with Yeonsu-gu

The students majoring in Film and Media Arts and foreign students at UAC operated community contribution programs. These included education on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), global social contribution campaigns, and the production of public service advertisements for high school students. In connection with this, the IGC Foundation signed an agreement with the Yeonsu-gu district relating to the promotion of lifelong education and promised proactive cooperation in November last year. These programs will be held at UAC for around 25 students in high schools located in Yeonsu-gu from March to December.


Ranked eighth in green power use 

among universities

The Green Power Partnership Top 30 College & University ranking, released on January 27, 2020, listed the University of Utah as No. 8. This recognized that 49% of its energy is supplied through geothermal and solar power purchase agreements. The Unversity of Utha particularly stood out in its use of geothermal energy. The US Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership Program is a voluntary EPA program that encourages green power use.