‘Experience the UAC Day’

The University of Utah Asia Campus held the ‘Experience the UAC Day’ to provide a special place for prospective college students who have completed the college entrance exam to listen to lectures before entering the school and explore a major that suits their aptitude.

‘Experience the UAC Day’ was held with faculty members from the University of Utah Asia Campus for high school students across the country and students from other universities. Participants took online and live lectures from professors of the communications, psychology, film and media arts, urban ecology, civil and environmental engineering, computer and electrical engineering departments, which are open as undergraduate majors. In addition, meeting with enrolled students shared vivid stories about campus life and admission-related information, such as the entrance exam preparation process, scholarship benefits, and various club activities.

“Experience the UAC Day was a great opportunity to experience the University of Utah Asia Campus in advance, and exchanges with professors and students from each department were quite meaningful,” said BYUN Jeong-su, Dean of Admissions at the University of Utah Asia Campus.


Bronze Medal at Daejeon Science Festival Science Lab Competition

The ‘DSF Science Lab’ was held at the Post Daejeon Science Festival, the follow-up event of the 2021 Daejeon Science Festival(DSF). Twenty-five college students from 12 teams, including Yonsei University and Korea University, participated in this presentation and discussion contest held in English. The University of Utah Asia Campus beat out several university teams to win the bronze medal. Students from the Department of Urban Planning, SHIN Jiseun, SONG Seunghyun, and CHOI Sooyeon, focused on the 14th goal of the Sustainable Development Goals. The title of the presentation was “Negative Effects of Lost Fishing Gear” and discussed how biodegradable fishing gear could be used instead of plastic fishing gear to conserve marine life. The new approach using biodegradable fishing gear demonstrated by the students in their presentation is expected to contribute to preserving marine life and achieving sustainable development goals in the future.


Korea JoongAng Daily Articles written by Students

An article written by students from the University of Utah Asia Campus was published in the newspaper. Five students enrolled at the University of Utah Asia Campus worked as interns at Korea JoongAng Daily for two weeks last summer, experiencing first-hand the environment of Korean English-language media and how reporters were delivering news. Isabella Atanasova and Chelsea Curl introduced ‘Drag Culture’, which is still new to Korea and refers to the culture where people dress and behave differently from the gender they were born into, through an in-depth interview with photographer MOON Young-Min. Clara SHIN, Eunice KIM, and LEE Seohui reported on the National Liberation Day celebration changes, which celebrated its 76th anniversary this year and was held non-face-to- face due to COVID-19, compared to previous years. WOO Dae-min, Head of the Career Development Department at the University of Utah Asia Campus said, “We will continue to provide internship opportunities for media companies, including Korea JoongAng Daily, to students at the University of Utah Asia Campus, as it will give valuable experiences and assets to students who want to work in media companies.”