1. Utah Games’ Undergraduate Program Lands #1 Spot Worldwide

In the 2024 Princeton Review, released on March 19, the University of Utah’s Division of Games ranked first among undergraduate and second graduate schools in gaming majors for public schools worldwide. These results show the global competitiveness of Utah Games, which has produced the first U.S. university e-sports team and is among the top three overall U.S. university programs. Professors with expertise in game development teach the entire game industry process, from story creation to game development, design planning, and sales strategy. UAC’s Games program was opened in the fall semester of 2023.

2UAC Launches Master’s Program in Communications

UAC has launched a master’s program in Communications. This program will start in the fall semester of this year, with recruitment of new students being carried out until May 1. UAC’s master’s in Communications aims to cultivate global talents with practical knowledge in strategic communications. A miniumum of 18 months will be required to complete this English-language program, which offers in-depth communication courses like strategic communication research methodology, international communication, and social media trends. Successful graduates of the program will receive a master’s degree from the University of Utah’s Salt Lake City campus.

3UAC Hosts 2nd Social Impact Challenge, Sponsored by Adobe

UAC hosted the 2nd Social Impact Challenge with Adobe, an American graphics software company known for its Photoshop app. This year’s theme was “Jikji,” the world’s earliest known method for cast metal type printing. This theme was intended to promote the importance of Jikji, which is not fully appreciated for its significance in world printing history and Korean cultural heritage. In recognition of the cultural significance of Jikji, the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah organized this event at UAC. About 40 students formed 15 teams and used Adobe software to create a Jikji-themed website over the course of about a week (beginning on April 11). An awards ceremony was held on April 19 to present scholarships to the top three teams.