News Briefing

01. IGC Offers Joint Admissions Information Session for Parents and Teachers of Students at Metropolitan-area High Schools

On March 24, the Incheon Global Campus (IGC) Foundation held the 2022 IGC Joint Admissions Information Session for parents and teachers of students at high schools in Seoul, Gyeonggi Province, and Incheon.

This session was provided via the ‘Parent Training Lecture by IGC Foundation-Naeil Education’ jointly planned by the IGC Foundation and Naeil Education, an education-focused media outlet. To stem the spread of COVID-19, the lecture was delivered online through a real-time video platform. Prior to the main lecture, which was attended by about 340 parents and teachers, a welcoming speech was delivered by Yu Pyungryun, CEO of the IGC Foundation, and a presentation of the campus was also provided.

The ‘Parent Training Lecture by IGC Foundation-Naeil Education’ was composed of two sessions. In the first session, Cho Jinpyo, CEO of Wisementor, an education research institute that provides career-path consulting services, gave a special lecture on Career-path Roadmaps and College Admissions for High School Students.

In the second session, admissions information was provided for the four universities at IGC including SUNY Korea, George Mason University Korea, Ghent University Global Campus, and the University of Utah Asia Campus. The personnel in charge of admissions at each university introduced their respective school and provided detailed information on the admissions process. Of note, they suggested a diverse set of winning strategies for admissions that highlight each student’s strengths. By doing so, they presented potential opportunities for more students to experience an outstanding educational environment at IGC’s renowned foreign universities.

02. IGC Hosts 2022 Winter Career Boot Camp

On February 8 and 9, IGC hosted the ‘2022 IGC Winter Career Boot Camp.’ The event was held for undergraduates and seniors aspiring to land a job, helping them deal with the changing job-market environment in the COVID-19 era and providing information on the global employment environment for students at IGC universities. Professional lecturers from different fields gave special presentations, participated in panel discussions, and conducted mock interviews.

03. IGC Enters into Business Agreement with Onhappy to Contribute to the Local Community

On February 22, the IGC Foundation and Onhappy signed a business agreement to make greater contributions to the local community. The agreement is aimed at fostering exchanges of human and physical resources and engaging in mutual cooperation through such contributions to the community. With this agreement, the two organizations will cooperate to provide relevant support and build networks for making their contributions more meaning for the local community.

04. IGC Signs Business Agreement with St. Michael Community Welfare Center for Mutual Cooperation in Making Contributions to the Local Community

On March 30, the IGC Foundation and St. Michael Community Welfare Center signed an agreement to foster contributions to the local community. The agreement was signed with a view to encourage members from IGC and the welfare center to carry out projects designed to make social contributions across diverse fields. Going forward, the two organizations plan to cooperate on various levels while providing necessary support to the local community.

05. IGC Foundation Cleans up the Environment ahead of the Spring Season

On March 29, the IGC Foundation cleaned up all sections of the campus as it welcomed the approach of spring 2022. The event was aimed at strengthening internal bonds and creating the optimal campus environment to restore liveliness for the new semester’s beginning. Approximately 120 employees participated in the event, carrying out disinfection and examining poor-maintenance areas and drains in order for all users of the campus to enjoy safe and pleasant daily activities on the site.