Together, We Are Not Afraid, and Together, We Are Happy!

International Students Association, ISA

Students from various nations have come together. They plan various campus activities and exchange information necessary for life in Korea, continuing their vibrant university life. Let’s meet the International Students Association, ISA at the State University of New York Korea.

Q : Hello. Can you please introduce ISA to IGC Journal?

A : ISA, short for International Students Association, is a social community club within SUNY Korea. We strive to foster a sense of belongingness by bringing together international and Korean students as well as professors to create a welcoming and inclusive environment. We aim to create a space where diverse experiences are shared, make meaningful connections, and celebrate global perspectives.

Q : What are the main activities of ISA?

A : We organize a variety of engaging social activities designed to have fun and meet new friends. For instance, our main event, the International Food & Cultural Fair, held each semester, provides a delicious feast where participants can try a blend of dishes from around the world that students or professors cook or buy their traditional food, like a potluck. Additionally, we organize events like Movie Nights, Sports Days, and Korean Cultural Days, offering a mix of entertainment and cultural immersion. Collaborations with other clubs, such as the Volleyball Club for Sports Day and Shutter, the Photography Club for Korean Cultural Day, ensure a diverse and fulfilling experience for all participants.

Q : How many students are joining ISA? What teams make up ISA, and how are they operate?

A : ISA comprises two main groups: paying members and non-paying members. Currently, we have over 30 active paying members who enjoy perks such as RSVP priority, exclusive events, and discounts on off-campus activities. However, our wider community extends beyond these members, with numerous students participating in our events through our ISA group chat, drawn by the opportunity to make new friendships and connections.

Q : Among many clubs at IGC, what sets ISA apart?

A : ISA can be distinguished as a laid-back social club, free from regular meetings with only enjoyable events where students can unwind and bond with friends. Our flexible approach allows members to participate in activities at their convenience, without the pressure of mandatory attendance. This relaxed atmosphere fosters a sense of community, setting us apart from more structured organizations.

Q : Will you share your most memorable experience while working at ISA?

One of the most memorable experiences I’ve had with ISA was during our recent Korean Cultural Day event. Exploring the Bukchon Hanok Village and Gyeongbokgung Palace was truly remarkable. What made it even more enjoyable was the company of the people I went with. Throughout the full-day trip, we bonded, shared stories, and deepened our connections. Trying on traditional hanboks added an extra layer of excitement, and we couldn’t resist capturing countless moments with our cameras. Lunch together was another highlight, bringing us closer as we savored the delicious food. Overall, it was an incredibly fulfilling day filled with laughter, friendship, and cultural immersion.

President of ISA, Shun Lei Wai Aung

Membership in ISA is open to all students, 

regardless of nationality or university affiliation. 

Just come join us!