Fun and Exciting IGC Music Festival, Enjoyed Online/Offline

The year-end concert of IGC, ‘2021 IGC Music Festival, was held spectacularly.

The IGC Foundation has held the ‘IGC Music Festival’ every year to enjoy the festival and communicate with local residents, and encourage universities on IGC to unite with each other. This year, the festival was held at the IGC auditorium on December 15 to cheer the members of the IGC for wrapping up the year safely despite the prolonged COVID-19 situation and to deliver a message of support and gratitude to local residents.

In particular, this year’s event was held online as well as offline considering the extraordinary situation under COVID-19 so that as many people as possible could enjoy the festival while thoroughly complying with quarantine rules. The offline festival held in the auditorium admitted up to 100 people through the reservation, and the quarantine pass was introduced to prevent infectious diseases. The link to real-time streaming through YouTube and ZOOM has also been released in advance to help those who could not make it to the venue to enjoy the festival vividly in their living rooms. Thanks to the links, IGC members and residents of the local community and anyone interested in IGC was able to enjoy the music festival online.

From LEE Hi to Lil Boi, Star-studded Line-up.

At this IGC Music Festival, the attendees could enjoy the performances of ‘LEE Hi’, who honors the audience’s ears with her unique tone, ‘Lil Boi’, the rapper who overwhelms the stage with his outstanding rap skills, and ‘DIOS’, a four-member boy band. This lineup, which mainly comprises singers that IGC students wanted to see, drew a great response from field attendees and online viewers.

At this music festival, which lasted for about two hours, the audience could see the splendid performances of the artists and the stages of the student performance teams of the IGC.

IGC provided the opportunities to perform through the music festival stage to students in performance clubs on campus, whose opportunities to perform on stage have been greatly reduced due to social distancing. 

Allied clubs comprising university students, such as bands, hip-hop artists, and dance performers, showed off their skills that they had honed in harmony with each other.