Participated in measures against COVID-19 in Incheon Metropolitan City

The IGC Foundation is actively participating in Incheon Metropolitan City’s countermeasures against COVID-19. On April 29, it donated relevant goods to social welfare facilities for the elderly and migrant women who are facing difficulties due to COVID-19. In addition, the CEO’s voluntary donation from his payroll and the employee’s contributions were delivered to the Community Chest of Korea Incheon Branch. Earlier in April, the Foundation also carried out volunteer activities in Incheon Lifelong Learning Center, Neulpureun Classroom Regional Child Center, and New Life Regional Child Center. IGC Foundation is engaged in various activities through Yeonsu District’s Social Contribution Council for the socially disadvantaged. It plans to continuously support the vulnerable group in an effort to overcome COVID-19 together with the community residents.


Opened Songdo Global Lifelong Learning Center

The Songdo Global Lifelong Learning Center opened in June, located on the fifth floor of the IGC Support Center In commemoration of its opening, IGC offers a special lecture, “Business English,” by GMUK’s professor in English Composition. IGC plans to expand the special lectures in association with the universities


IGC Photo Contest

IGC is hosting a Photo Contest to promote its image as the best global education hub in Northeast Asia. Held under the theme, “IGC, a world-class global education hub,” any IGC members can participate, including students, faculty, and tenant organizations. Photos that positively portray the campus landscape or the identity of each university and IGC can be registered by clicking the Photo Contest pop-up in the IGC homepage from May 15 to October 27. The result of screening can be checked on IGC homepage on November 17. Winners of the Grand Prize, Prize for Excellence, Prize for Encouragement will be awarded.