Meeting with Student Leadership of IGC in Spring 2021

On June 16, Incheon Global Campus Foundation held a meeting with the student leadership to promote efficient communication with the students on the campus. This is the second meeting this year following the March meeting. The student presidents of each university participated and had various discussions about campus life. In particular, the students had many questions and requests regarding creating an academic atmosphere in the dormitory, cleaning guestrooms, and related regulations, and the CEO of Incheon Global Campus Foundation carried on with the conversation by suggesting measures and plans relating to the questions and requests. Also, Incheon Global Campus Foundation requested dormitory residents for full cooperation with the quarantine policies within the campus to keep the dormitory functional under the COVID-19 circumstance, emphasizing infection prevention rules, such as refraining from using multiuse facilities outside.


Joint Inspection with Yeonsu Police Station 

on Illegal Cameras within Campus

Incheon Global Campus Foundation conducted a joint inspection on illegal cameras installed in restrooms on campus according to the ‘MOU on the Development of a System for Preventing Crime and Mutual Cooperation in Yeonsu-gu’ signed with Incheon Yeonsu Police Station on May 13. Incheon Yeonsu Police Station and Incheon Global Campus are planning to inspect safety in all 198 restrooms by organizing an inspection team from June 8 to August 6.

Currently, Incheon Global Campus is operating IGC Campus Police. IGC Campus Police, which was launched in October 2019, consists of the sheriff, a retired police officer, and IGC students. It conducts regular patrols inside and outside of the campus at night on weekdays to secure student safety during late night hours and contribute to maintaining public order within and building a safe community.


Arbor Day Event for Green Campus

On the 76th Arbor Day, Incheon Global Campus Foundation held the 「Plant a Tree Event」 in the campus on April 9. Twenty executives and staff members, including CEO PAEK Ki-hun, planted 160 white pines and forsythias in unused lands to create an eco-friendly campus. The unused lands used to raise sand dust and were visually displeasing as they did not have flower beds. The foundation’s staff agreed to create a beautiful campus environment through the tree planting event. Significantly, the event was given a greater meaning for it facilitated more active communication and unity among staff members by sharing the outdoor activity, rarely held recently due to COVID-19. Incheon Global Campus Foundation staff will continue to make efforts to spread the eco-friendly green campus culture that everyone shares.


Incheon Global Campus Foundation, Online Staff Workshop 

for Intensifying Staff Capability and Vitalizing Organization

Incheon Global Campus Foundation held a staff workshop on ‘Constructive Strategy to Increase Understanding between Foundation Members and Embody Sustainable Management’ on May 7. The workshop was carried out in separate offices to avoid contact, considering the COVID-19 situation. The first session of the workshop was the lecture by Director LEE Ki-woo, who wrote ‘LEE Ki-woo’s Happy Challenge,’ to encourage individual development and challenge. It was followed by sessions on information security training to prevent ransomware infection that any staff member of the foundation must complete, human rights training, and integrity training. Incheon Global Campus Foundation focused on increasing the capabilities of the staff and developing social values in individuals through this workshop. The foundation also shared its management policies and 2025 management goals to strengthen team spirit between members. Through the workshop, the entire staff had a chance to come together and communicate with each other following the temp-to-perm transition, which contributed to organizational revitalization.


Opening of Incheon Global Campus Tennis Court

Incheon Global Campus opened tennis courts. There were continuous requests to expand outdoor facilities that can accommodate various activities concerning the increasing population of residents, including students and school staff, inside Incheon Global Campus. In response to the requests, the campus opened tennis courts to promote residents’ health and support their activities. Four new tennis courts opened, taking up 3,297㎡, with shower rooms and restrooms for men and women, changing rooms, and also lounges, providing sufficient infrastructure for many people to enjoy tennis. The tennis courts are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays and weekends, free for students and school staff who make reservations.