Signed MOU with

Songdo Hyundai Premium Outlets

The IGC Foundation signed an MOU with Hyundai Premium Outlets Songdo on October 21 for external and industry-academia cooperation. In accordance with the agreement, the two organizations agreed to cooperate in global retail events, industry-academia practice programs, and global corporate social responsibility efforts for local communities with students. It expects to contribute to the development of local communities as well as synergies through the agreement with IGC's neighbor and the famous, 5th-largest retailer in domestic sales.


Opened Tennis Courts

Located next to the Main Entrance(Gate 1), the IGC tennis courts(with four nets) come with such auxiliary facilities as one shower room for men and women each, two toilets, changing rooms, and a lounge. Scheduled to open in December 2020, the tennis courts are expected to contribute to improving the living conditions of students and faculty members.


IGC Photo Contest

The IGC Foundation held the IGC Photo Contest from May to October 2020 under the theme of “The Best Global Education Hub in Northeast Asia.” Targeting IGC members, including students and related personnel, employees of the Foundation, service companies, and organizations in residence, the contest invited photos that portrayed the look of IGC as a global education hub well, with panoramic views and night views of the campus and photos that clearly revealed the identity of each university and global campus. Six final winners were chosen after evaluations.


IGC Campus Police: Carried out Crime

Prevention Education and Inspection of

Illegal Photographing Devices

IGC has operated its “Campus Police” since October 2019. Consisting of campus sheriffs and student police officers, Campus Police is playing a role of a campus safety guard by ensuring the safety of students and preventing any mishaps through late-night patrol activities. In 2020, following the social distancing policy due to the COVID-19, crime prevention education was implemented through online video education. The education comprised guidance to 112 report methods, voice phishing prevention measures, prevention of sexual and dating violence, visa status violations for international students, and the introduction of illegal employment and stay cases. A joint inspection was also conducted with the Yeonsu Police Station on September 17, checking whether illegal cameras were installed in the restrooms on campus.