IGC JOURNAL 2021 Spring 


Incheon Global Campus Foundation, 

extending campus facilities for IGC members

In 2021, IGC is witnessing its continuous growth in and outside including the growing number of students and the addition of new departments. The IGC Foundation has secured 6.8 billion won, which accounts for 25% of total 27.3 billion won budget for the expansion of its residence halls, under the goal of expanding its residence halls based on government and municipal expenditures. As the number of students continues to rise due to the increased departments of tenant universities and their growing recognition, the need is gradually growing for further facilities on the campus. Foreign universities run a course based on a residential college(RC) program, which means that IGC will face its capacity limits. IGC also needs to secure its residential facilities in a stable scope to vitalize the inflow of students from other nations and the original schools. A more stable residential environment on the campus for domestic and international students will contribute to the recruitment of the tenant universities and help to vitalize the campus and create an atmosphere conducive to academic pursuit. IGC will enhance its global competitive edge further by building a campus environment in which students of diverse nationalities and background come together and live in harmony. 


Making constant efforts to prevent COVID-19 infections

IGC is making full preparations to ensure the safety and learning right of its members amid the spread of COVID-19 around the globe. In the first quarter of 2021, IGC had ten meetings on the surveillance system, three meetings of university presidents, and five facility inspections. It is thorough with access control and temperature check at all of its facilities. It also provided supports for and managed the self-quarantine of 34 professors and 88 students that entered the nation before the Spring Semester, preventing the spread of COVID-19 on the campus. As the COVID-19 crisis situation continues on, the IGC Foundation and tenant universities will reinforce IGC's position as an alternative for overseas study during the pandemic by observing the preventive measures more thoroughly and establishing a response system to contain the pandemic.


IGC Joint Daycare Center for IGC members

The IGC Foundation is running a joint daycare center in the workplace with its four tenant universities and POSCO. The joint daycare center opened in August, 2020 on the first floor of the Support Center building on the campus. It receives children aged 0~5 under a quota of 99. Today there are 34 children at the daycare center. Its operating hours are from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm on weekdays and are subjected to change according to service needs. It is currently recruiting more children for the Spring Semester of 2021. You can apply for a place anytime by sending e-mail to hanbit@hanbit.net. As children of diverse nationalities come together, the daycare center offers English lessons and cultural experiential activities to create a global educational environment. It also has in place its devoted play facilities and vegetable gardens for children's safe outdoor experiential activities.