Stony Brook University & FIT



Held 2020 Fall Semester’s Admission Ceremony

SUNY Korea held the fall semester's admission ceremonies for Stony Brook University and Fashion Institute of Technology online on August 21, 2020. The admission ceremonies, broadcast live on its official YouTube channel, began by online congratulatory addresses by President MIN Wonki of SUNY Korea and President Maurie MCINNIS of Stony Brook University, and President Joyce BROWN of FIT, followed by scholarship awarding ceremonies. After the admission ceremonies, new students of five majors in Stony Brook University and two majors in FIT began the new semester on August 24.


President MIN Wonki joined the “Stay Strong Campaign”

President MIN Wonki of SUNY Korea participated in the “Stay Strong Campaign” to overcome COVID-19. The Campaign conveys the meaning of “Overcoming COVID-19” with thorough personal hygiene management through a logo expressed in a drawing of washing hands cleanly. This public participation campaign was launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and has been carried out by enlisting people to post photographs taken with a sign carrying the campaign slogan on social media. President MIN was nominated by the CEO BAE In-sik of ONHAPPY NGO to join the campaign, and he then nominated President SEOK Jae-bum of the Institute of Information & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation, and President HAN Tae-jun of the GUGC as its next leaders.


Implemented Wear Your Mask Campaign

SUNY Korea is receiving positive responses internally and externally with its unique mask wearing campaign. The university has carried out a “Wear Your Mask Campaign” to combat COVID-19 through its website since last August.This campaign emphasizes the need for wearing a mask, and presents a guide to wearing a mask to keep students and the faculty safe. It has stressed that everyone is responsible for protecting each other's health from COVID-19, asking people to wear a mask in offices, corridors, elevators, dormitory common spaces, laboratories, and other places where there is a lot of human contact when they cannot keep a distance of two meters from other people.