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Contributions by the president and students alike

SUNY Korea's vigorous contribution activities have been spotlighted recently. A full range of sharp voices from the university through its president and the students are giving insights and answers to social phenomena around the world. In February, President MIN Wonki released his current essay under the subject, “Digital economy, depending on resolving dispute between New and Old Industries,” on the Korean economic Daily. In this essay, he cast light on the need for a new economic and social policy to effectively respond to various issues including: “the collapse of existing industries and the emergence of new industries”; “the subsequent redistribution of wealth and the securing of employment stability”; “the cultivation of talented people for the digital economy”; “reestablishing the concept of market dominance”; and “tax problems in digital trade.” Dr. HSIEH Chihmao, head of the Business Management department, also published a contribution on the Maeil Business Newspaper. In his contribution, he pointed out that human emotions can be edited, oversimplified, or distorted contrary to their original intentions in any way. The answer he gave is that we must provide people room for learning so that their minds can grow in a self-neutral manner. Graduate student PARK Gayoung majoring in Technology and Society raised her voice by publishing a contribution, entitled “Rethinking Mobile Diffusion in the Sub-Saharan Region” on the POSTECH i-Lab Review. In the contribution, she reviewed the reasons why the region shows fastest growth in mobile diffusion in the world.


Celebrating the FIT's 75th Anniversary

The Fashion Institute of Technology was founded in 1944 by Max Meyer, an innovative educator, and Dr. Mortimer C. Ritter, a retired menswear manufacturer.  The year 2020 marks its 75th anniversary. To commemorate this historic day, a website containing its history and stories has been opened.

★ Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the FIT: