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Student LEE Wha-suk of SBU selected as the final choice in the 

"2020 Student Entrepreneurship Promising 300" contest

The “Curing Innos Team,” led by Student LEE Whasuk of SUNY Korea, was selected as one of the Student Entrepreneurship Promising Team 300. The software team, consisting of four students including LEE in charge of technology, developed an user-customized AI tennis ball machine that enables people to enjoy tennis regardless of time and the number of players by combining with computer vision technology. LEE said, “AI and computer vision classes were so fun that I wanted to study more in-depth, and I experienced classes outside the classroom by actually applying the knowledge I learned through this project." "I would like to see a customized tennis ball smart device in use on the actual playground," he added.


SUNY Korea students winning prizes at the English Economic Essay Contest hosted by The Korea Times

Maria Natasha LINTANG of the Technological Systems Management and Nangila NABANGI of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, won the top award and the runner-up award, respectively, at the 16th English Economic Essay Contest for university students hosted by The Korea Times. The essays were written on one of two subjects: "Should Korea embrace more immigration to ensure sustainable growth?" or, "Do you think Korea should designate English as a second official language?"


Conducting STEAM education

Five students of SUNY Korea, majoring in Computer Science have teamed up with nineteen Incheon Yeonsu Elementary school students to address COVID-19 through technology. Working in five separate groups, each with one undergraduate playing the leading role, students are creating smart applications to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Both online and offline meeting methods will be utilized for the project. The opening ceremony of the joint project was held at the auditorium of Yeonsu Elementary school on November 6th. Each team will go through the process that includes learning coding, seeking advice from experts, conducting experiments, and verifying efficiency of their applications. The finalized applications are expected to be shared with the public by the end of December. PARK Mi-ja, the principal of Yeonsu Elementary school anticipates the project will promote a new form of inclusive education during this unprecedented time, empowering students to play active roles in solving global issues.


Opened a FIT exhibition

The SUNY Korea Museum of Modern Costume will hold a fashion exhibition under the theme of "Back To The Future: Plastic, Vinyl, & Metals." During the space race era of the 1960s, people had become fascinated with outer space, and the development of new textile materials in the previous decade allowed space-age fashion designers to design garments with non-traditional materials such as polyester and PVC. The exhibition will show works by South Korean designers from the 1990s who were inspired by the "space look" of the 1960s. The works of that era still give us an interesting take on imagining "the future." This exhibition will offer visitors a chance to time travel and imagine a hopeful future in a new noncontact and New Normal era. Exhibition Duration: November 10th, 2020 - April 30th, 2021, Opening Hours: Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 5:00 pm(Weekends and Holidays: CLOSED), Location: SUNY Korea Museum of Modern Costume(Academic A Bldg. AB101(Basement Floor). Visitors may freely enter the museum for viewing during the opening hours after check-in using the museum visitor's log. For a group of 10 or more, please make a reservation prior to a visit by emailing