The Reason why Matthew MANDELL chose GMUK

Matthew MANDELL, an American student in the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution, and Ilya KIM, a Russian student in Global Affairs recently revealed the reason for selecting GMUK, their views on the learning environment, and their future ambitions in an interview with the Chosun Ilbo. Matthew chose GMUK because he was looking for an education environment where he could plan and execute his academic career by himself, and he revealed that he is achieving his dream towards resolving violence in communities and their external injuries from it by obtaining various opportunities with the help of his academic advisor. Ilya also chose GMUK in Songdo, Incheon Metropolitan City, a city of global economy in hopes of catching more opportunities and by observing many scholars from around the world conducting research in South Korea, she is certain that it was the right decision.


Celebrated the Class of 2020 online for three weeks

When universities started to close down from last March due to COVID-19, graduation ceremonies couldn’t be held properly. GMUK presented graduation ceremonies and congratulatory graduation ceremonies for graduating students in a somewhat different way from previous years. An online congratulatory event for the graduates was held for three weeks from June 1, 2020. This virtual spring graduation ceremony contained online videos with messages from graduates, professors, and alumni.


The path to global leadership shared by the Chief Business Officer 

Mason Korea's Chief Business Officer, Gbemi DISU, shared her story of becoming a global leader with the Korean campus students through an interview with Donga Ilbo, one of South Korea's major daily newspapers. She was born in Nigeria and had the opportunity to be educated on three continents – Africa, Europe and North America. Professionally, she has also taken an eclectic route to where she is today. Throughout her career she had a brief stint working in the government with the Arizona State Legislature as well as for several global fortune 500 companies. She pointed out Competence, Consistency and Courage as significant factors that contributed to her success. She added that setting up a campus in Songdo, a newly developed Free Economic Zone, was also a special adventure. Under GMUK’s commitment to creating a more just, free and prosperous world, she hoped that the students of GMUK would advance into global society as versatile talents and asked that they be equipped with qualities to make them capable of creating new values.


Aspiration of JIN Saemin, a student accepted for the Global Affairs Department

JIN Saemin disclosed that she chose GMUK instead of going to a university in the US because she could goto the home campus at around the third or fourth year after studying the same curriculum as in the US. Her long-time dream was to become a foreign correspondent with her own beliefs, and she decided GMUK would become a good foothold for advancing into the world stage when she came to know about GMUK in the first semester of her third year in high school. Above all, it was attractive that she could select 14 types of intensified major courses in the Global Affairs Department and access extensive studies not only in international issues but also in communications, media, and broadcasting. The students of the Global Affairs Department have more opportunities to work as an intern in international organizations in Songdo, including the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific. Also recently, graduates are advancing forth into international companies related to PR and marketing such as Edelman Korea and Allison Partners. Some graduates have been employed by the UN Office for Sustainable Development. The recruitment rate of these graduates stands at 85.7%, the highest in the GMUK.