IGC JOURNAL 2021 Spring 





Superintendent DO Sung-hoon at Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education, making a visit to the Ghent University Global Campus

On April 4, DO Sung-hoon, Superintendent of Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education made a visit to the Ghent University Global Campus, where he listened to information about the educational field and current management of world-class biotechnology field at the school and had a tour of its related facilities including labs. He was deeply impressed with Europe's advanced educational system. In a face-to-face talk with HAN Tae-jun, President of Ghent University Global Campus, he said, "At Ghent University Global Campus, the biotechnology curriculum seems optimized to bring up global talents. Over 95% of its graduates get a job at related agencies or advance to a world-class graduate school, which is testimony to its successful education and production of global talents." He asked the school to work actively with Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education on its specialized biotechnology education projects and contribute to the development of science and technology in biotechnology in the nation.


Ghent University Global Campus, promoting cooperation with overseas agencies for the success of "Global Marine Project of North and South Korea"

In an effort to push forward the North and South Korea Marine Project successfully, Ghent University Global Campus made an MOU with 14 research institutions around the globe at a seminar held to commemorate the visit of Belgium's king and queen to South Korea in 2019. Based on such efforts, the school made a splendid achievement of being designated as a priority project in "Research on South Korean-Style New Deal Project based on Community Cooperation" by the Presidential Committee for Balanced National Development in 2021. HAN Tae-jun, the school's president, paid a courtesy call to diplomats of Czech Republic, Argentina, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, and Italy in the nation in addition to the 14 MOU partners to promote the successful implementation of the project, discussing collaboration measures with them.


A professor of Ghent University Global Campus, giving a lecture in commemoration of 120-year diplomatic relations between South Korea and Belgium

Prof. Francis Verpoort at Ghent University Global Campus and Prof. Korneel Rabaey at Ghent University gave a lecture in a dual relay format between South Korea and Belgium at an event in commemoration of 120-year diplomatic relations between the two countries. With the participation of renowned professors at POSTECH, this event featured Prof. Francis Verpoort, who voiced his concern with the environment, saying "One of the most important ways to deal with the environmental issues in the future is for all of us to change our life attitude Earth-friendly little by little." He also emphasized that individuals and the governments should work together for the environment of the future.