Ghent University Global Campus, Selected as Successful Case among IFEZ Tenants

Ghent University Global Campus was selected as a Successful Case of Attracting Tenants in the University Section assessed by IFEZ and introduced in the IFEZ Success Story. The book, IFEZ Success Story, is published to share information on support for entrepreneurs operating in the IFEZ, successful cases, various management strategies, and major achievements. A total of 20 excellent institutions are selected, and their achievements are collected and published as promotional materials. The criteria for selecting excellent institutions include the management philosophy and major activities (vision and strategy), the institution’s growth, and the contribution to the local community. Ghent University Global Campus has consistently achieved excellent scores in the evaluations of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy and the Ministry of Education for the past seven years since it opened. It was the first university in IGC to fill the quota for new students and that for full-time faculty in 2019 and has proven the success of their education as 93% of the graduates entered the world’s prestigious graduate schools or found employment in multinational companies as of 2020. Also, the university has contributed to the cultural life of local residents through the Belgian Culture Festival and to the local community by cleaning and disinfecting parks around the university and promoting the hat-knitting event for newborns with Save the Children for children of difficult families. The university was recognized for its contribution to the local community and was selected as a successful case.

Ghent University Global Campus will continue to foster global talents, develop national science and technology, hold Belgian cultural events, and contribute to the local community, establishing itself as a successful model for foreign educational institution representing Incheon Metropolitan City.


Ghent University Global Campus, Establishing Industry-Academy Cooperation Foundation

Ghent University Global Campus establishes an industry-academic cooperation foundation to establish a systematic support system for industry-academy cooperation to expand the university’s competitiveness and foster excellent human resources by promoting industrial education and facilitating industry-academy collaboration contribute to the local community and national development. The Industrial Education Enhancement and Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation Promotion Act was revised and published on September 25, 2020, to allow foreign educational institutions established in the Free Economic Zone to establish industry-academy cooperation foundations. The university made preparations such as setting regulations required for incorporation and securing a space and will complete the establishment of the industry-academic cooperation foundation in July after obtaining the final approval of the board of directors. Currently, teachers are fully engaged in industry-academy-institute projects in Europe and South Korea. In particular, the South-North Korean Global Offshore Project, which has been promoted in with scientists in 14 countries, was announced as the top-priority project for the ‘Research on Regional Cooperation-based K-New Deal Promotion Plan’ of the Presidential Committee for Balanced National Development in February 2021. Services for preparing the business proposal are underway, and the project is expected to be implemented smoothly. Through the establishment of an industry-academy cooperation foundation, Ghent University Global Campus will contribute to the development of the university’s research by supporting more systematic and professional research administration and lay the foundation for stable and continuous development of the university by creating profits through technology transfer and commercialization to secure financial resources for university operation apart from tuition.


Ghent University Global Campus Signs MOU with Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education for Advancement of Science Education

Ghent University Global Campus and Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education signed an MOU for mutual cooperation on June 2. Both institutions agreed to cooperate mutually regarding information sharing and request for advice for the advancement of high school science education in the Incheon area through the world-class capabilities of Ghent University in the life sciences field. The institutions also agree to participate actively in the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education projects to enhance the knowledge of science and technology of high school students in Incheon. At the MOU signing ceremony, HAN Tae-jun, President of Ghent University Global Campus, said in the welcome address, “This signing ceremony is like a process of transplanting well-germinated seeds to a pot. We will foster students in Incheon into global talents in the life sciences field through mutual efforts in the future.” DO Sung-hun, Superintendent in Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education, responded, “I hope that this MOU helps the students in Incheon grow into outstanding people in the science field based on the excellent educational environment of the universities in Incheon.” After the MOU signing ceremony, Superintendent of Education DO Sung-hun and his party toured the Ghent University Global Campus lab and major facilities of Incheon Global Campus and delivered the message that they hope the students within the jurisdiction of Incheon Metropolitan City to grow into global talents in world-class university facilities designed based on international standards. Ghent University Global Campus is currently operating a science education program with high schools in Incheon Metropolitan City that requested student research-related cooperation, including Incheon Academy of Science and Arts, POSCO High School, and Yeonsong High School. The university plans to provide support for fostering many talents in the global life science field by expanding the program to science-focused high schools and general high schools in the region.