"The type of juniors I would like to see,"

according to GUGC students

What kind of students do I like to see entering GUGC in 2021?

Three students created a frank and earnest video clip on this question.

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“I would like see those who can study with a smile even if they have lots to do.”

PARK Hyo-jun, a second-year student majoring in Molecular Biotechnology, cited a person who can enjoy a large amount of study at GUGC as the first condition to be her junior in 2021. At GUGC, students must complete 240 credits, 100 credits more than South Korean universities, in order to graduate since the university adheres to the principle of 60 credits per year. This means that they must enjoy a lot of things to study in order to adjust to “typical” GUGC student life, arriving at school before 9 AM to start classes, conducting experiments all afternoon, and taking care of assignments in the evening.


"I would like to see those who enjoy challenging themselves."

Student KIM Mi-rae(second year in the Department of Molecular Biotechnology) concluded that "Anyone with a spirit of challenge can do a lot at GUGC." This means that difficulties inevitably come when you go deep into your major, and at this time, students who have the power to overcome their limits over time will maximize their potential in the Ghent system.

“I would like to see those who are good at time management.”

“Since we have a large amount of experimentation, it does take a lot of time to actually experiment, organize the contents, and review them again to make them our own,” explained KIM Mi-rae, and all other students nodded their agreement. They agreed with her saying that they must be good at time management to adjust to the GUGC curriculum, or that they must end up becoming a master of time management while studying at GUGC.

“I would like to see those who are big-hearted, forgiving their own mistakes."

At GUGC, students take as many exams as required credits are high, but they are given a “Resit” opportunity when they fail. Those who give up after ruining experiment once or who are disappointed about failing exams are not Ghent material, KIM says. This means that those who think anyone can make a mistake and are generous to themselves suit the university.


“I would like to see those who can interact with foreign professors and

teaching assistants without difficulty”

Student KOH Dong-geun(fourth year in Molecular Biotechnology) said, "The best thing I had while attending Ghent was close interaction with professors." At GUGC, professors adhere to the European tradition of intensively teaching five to seven students per professor. KOH said that he has grown by discussing closely with professors about various topics and emphasized that he would be glad to see those who can interact with foreign professors well to take full advantage of this opportunity.

"I would like to see those who know how to immerse themselves in what they like."

At GUGC, which operates under the ECTS system common to EU universities, students are evaluated in an absolute grading scale although they are required to complete many credits. Student KOH advised that in such an interdisciplinary system, students who devote their energy to the subjects they like are better suited than those who play it safe and only stick to credits for each subject.