The 2nd International Symposium for the Korean Peninsula Marine Global Project

Ghent University Global Campus held the ‘2nd International Symposium for the Korean Peninsula Marine Global Project.’ In this international symposium, held under the theme of “Creating a Sustainable Future through Blue Bioeconomy and Blue Carbon,” about 20 scholars from 11 countries worldwide participated to discuss the importance of ocean science and measures for carbon neutrality. Professor Colin JANSSEN of Ghent University, Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Flanders Marine Institute in Belgium, once again emphasized the importance of international cooperation in ocean research, “The importance of ocean science, an invaluable habitat for humans, has been growing exponentially over the past decade.” On the day after the symposium, a workshop was held with the global public, private, industry, academia, and research institute to explain the importance of the West Sea of Korea and the tidal flats and experience the field. The workshop participants concluded the two-day symposium with a proclamation ceremony, “We support the realization of marine bioeconomy and blue carbon through the conservation of the tidal flats along with  the five islands in the West Sea of Korea”


The Ghent University Session at the Familiarization Tour 

with High School Students of Daegu

The session held by the Ghent University Global Campus at the Familiarization tour with high school students of Daegu ended successfully. Ghent University Global Campus received favorable responses for organizing an informative and exciting program that can help students and mentor teachers. First, on behalf of the Plant Biotechnology Research Center, Professor CHUNG Hoo Sun gave students and teachers a tour of the incubation room and laboratory. Next, she showed and explained samples in progress in the laboratory in an easy-to-understand manner along with the exhibition of outcomes. Secondly, the students met other Ghent University Global Campus faculties. Professor Di WU of the Center for Environmental and Energy Research told the students, “Everything around us is related to the environment, and I hope you will be interested in this field and continue your studies in the future.” Professor Joris VANKERSCHAVER of the Center for Biosystems and Biotech Data Science also emphasized the importance of “willingness and attitude” along with practical advice that “the basics of statistics and mathematics are important.” Ghent University Global Campus will continue to motivate high school students through various student visits.


Ghent University Global Campus Proves Europe’s Advanced Education with 96% of Graduates Engaging in Higher Education and Finding Jobs

About 96% of the total graduates of Ghent University Global Campus(GUGC) continue their studies at world-class graduate schools or find jobs in multinational companies related to their major. It proves that GUGC is providing successful education as a prestigious European university as one of the top 60 institutes in the World University Rankings. 

Ghent University Global Campus opened in September 2014 and has produced grade graduates in four years as of 2021, starting with students who graduated in August 2018. 58% of graduates go to major graduate schools, including Ghent University in Belgium, ETH, UCL, Imperial College London, etc., and master’s programs at Seoul National University, Yonsei University, and Sungkyunkwan University in Korea. 38% of them found jobs at Samsung Biologics, Boehringer Ingelheim, Janssen Korea, FNDNet, ERM, etc.

Ghent University Global Campus plans to support graduates to find jobs by expanding various internship programs leading to employment with various institutions related to GUGC majors along with the trend of a growing number of job seekers among students.