Held 2020 Online Commencement and Admission Ceremonies

Ghent University Global Campus held the “2020 Online Commencement Ceremony and Admission Ceremony” on its YouTube channel on August 28. Twenty-five graduates were conferred their 2020 bachelor's degrees, and the number of new students matriculated was 200. The pre-recorded event was graced with congratulatory addresses by President Rick Van de WALLE of Ghent University, President HAN Tae-jun of the GUGC, and special guests like Belgian Ambassador Peter LESCUI and Commissioner LEE Won-jae of IFEZA. Worthy of note, the G-Ent, a YouTube video club at Ghent University, participated in this video production, which added more meaning to it. On the day when this congratulatory video was released, a photo zone was installed and a professional photographer was invited to present special memories to all of the graduates. The full video can be watched on the GUGC YouTube channel.


“Saturday Counselling Session in July” Held by Admissions and Recruitment Office

The Admissions and Recruitment Office of GUGC conducted a “Saturday Counselling Session in July” with advance reservations every Saturday in July, winning positive responses from prospective applicants. This small-scale Counselling service was offered through advance reservations amid thorough quarantine upon the request of prospective applicants and their parents who wanted to communicate directly. Additional Saturday counselling session will be held in October. (For advance reservation, call 032-626-4114)


Signed MOU with Companies and Other Universities

The GUGC recently signed MOUs with Charles River Laboratories Korea, Incheon Jaeneung University, and Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST). With these MOUs, the GUGC plans to continue its contributions to the academic and industrial development in the area of life science by setting up a system for talent cultivation and research cooperation that transcend the boundaries between universities and companies.