GUGC Holds Matriculation and Commencement Ceremonies for 2022 Spring Semester

On February 25, the annual Matriculation and Commencement Ceremonies took place at Ghent University Global Campus. Attended by Rector Rik Van de Walle of Ghent University and President Taejun Han of Ghent University Global Campus, the ceremonies were streamed live online. A representative of the graduating students gave a valedictory address followed by a speech by a representative of the incoming students. The ceremony also included congratulatory messages form the President and the Dean of Academic Affairs and a special performance by Illusionm GUGC’s student dance team.


‘Welcoming Day’ for Exchange Students to GUGC

On February 25, Ghent University Global Campus hosted a ‘Welcoming Day Event’ for exchange students. The event included a campus tour, mini-games, a pizza lunch, and other welcoming programs, along with a visit to the Yeonsu-gu Public Health Center and Triple Street tours to support students’ lives in Korea. A spokesperson for GUGC said, “We hope students broaden their horizons through their stay in Songdo and grow into global talents.”


GUGC Signs MOU with Hanmin High School for Mutual Collaboration

On March 8, a ceremony was held at Ghent University Global Campus for the ‘Signing of an MOU for mutual collaboration between Ghent University Global Campus and Hanmin High School.’ With this MOU, the two organizations agreed to promote cooperation in developing an entrance exam and education programs and to foster students’ interests in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Highlights of the MOU include mutual exchanges of academic and admissions information, cooperation in providing joint curriculum programs and carrying out education, mutual cooperation in science research activities, and in attracting outstanding students. President Taejun Han of GUGC said, “GUGC was established in Korea with the specific goal of having Korean students receive education from top-tier global universities right here in their home country. In line with this intention, I hope that Hanmin High School and our university can grow together.” Principal Shin Byeongcheol of Hanmin High School commented, “It is an honor to sign this MOU with GUGC, which is one of the world’s most renowned universities. I hope we can help each other strengthen each school’s international fields and develop education programs.” 

The two schools agreed to boost cooperation on key issues, such as in promoting education innovation and science technology development. The arrangement is expected to help identify global science talents at an early stage.